Thursday, June 7, 2007

Somebody Call The Waaahmbulance!

So I guess that Paris Hilton ended up getting released from prison early. She was sitting in her cell crying all day, and had mental distress. Boo hoo.

So her new "punishment" is to be confined to her house. Where I'm guessing she can swim in her pool, shop online, or do whatever she normally does in her own comfortable home. Upon arrival in the prison, she brought with her a stack of books to read and they wouldn't let her take them into the cell with her... now that she's been under mental distress, she can have those books, her music, television, and all the comforts that a millionaire can afford to keep in her house.

I know many people were hoping that a stay in prison could help straighten her out. Maybe help her see that she was not above the law. I guess that won't be happening now. What they should have done was send her to tent city in Phoenix... it was 108 degrees the other day, when she would have been serving her time. But no... obviously if you're rich, pretty, and famous, you can get out of your jail stay.

There are so many people on this planet that would see a 40 day stay confined to Paris Hilton's house as a reward, not a punishment. Political prisoners in China. Starving children in Africa. A lot of people right here in America, even.

Some people may argue that her punishment was a little harsh to begin with and she wouldn't have been sent to jail in the first place if she hadn't been famous. That may be the case, but it would have been better to give her a lighter sentence in the first place than not carry out the sentence that you give her. That just sends the wrong message.

Perhaps if she would have had to stay in prison for what was it... a week with good behavior? She could have perhaps come out a changed person. But that's hardly likely now. Not when her "punishment" of 40 days in her house can hardly be described as such.

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