Monday, March 3, 2008

40,000 People Exposed to HIV and Hepititus C at a Medical Clinic

I saw this link posted by a friend of mine in Nevada... 40,000 people who went to a medical center have been potentially exposed to HIV, Hepititus C, and all the other nasty bugs that can be spread through blood.

Evidently, reusing vials and syringes was a common practice at this clinic. Additionally, the clinic did not thoroughly clean equipment used for procedures like colonoscopies and upper GI tests.

I guess that the business could be subject to sanctions or lose its Medicare contract.

I think that perhaps stronger penalties should be applied in this case. The medical community has known about AIDS for more than 20 years now. Everybody knows that reusing syringes can spread the AIDS virus, and that there is no cure. Most people (in medicine at least, I would assume) know about Hepatitus C, and that it can lead to liver failure and death. This is not rocket science.

Personally, I think that if any of these patients ends up getting AIDS, Hepatitus C, or anything else as a result of this syringe policy, and dies, that the person responsible for giving them this disease and killing them should be charged criminally for involuntary manslaughter.

Reusing syringes in this day and age is just asking for people to die. 30 years ago... fine. People didn't know that it could kill. This is 2008. Almost everybody over the age of 10 can tell you that it is a dangerous practice (sure, they might not be able to find the United States on a map, but they do get sex education).

I only know somebody who knows somebody that may be affected by this, but this really angers me. I just don't get how people can be so careless and neglectful when it comes to something that can kill people, all in the name of saving a buck.

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Kim said...

that is extremely crazy and so scary. i can only imagine how many lawsuits this clinic will face. just ridiculous.