Friday, September 21, 2007

Is This Normal In A 10 Month Old?

My 10 month old baby is under the 5th percentile for weight, yet he eats like it's going out of style. He routinely goes through 3 stage 2 jars of baby food for lunch, eats Cheerios for breakfast (probably more than his 5 year old sister), and for dinner he almost always eats more than his sister, and sometimes more than me or my husband. To me, he seems pretty strong. As a newborn, he was practically holding up his head before he left the hospital.

He doesn't walk on his own yet, because he hasn't perfected the balance thing, but I already can't keep him in one part of the house. I was blocking off the living room from the rest of the house with a big giant gate, but he is quickly figuring out how to move the gate and escape. So if I want to keep him confined, I put him in his playard.

Only now he moves the whole playard if he doesn't like where I put it.

Like today. I needed to wash dishes after he woke up from his nap. So I put him into the playard. He pushed the playard, toys that were inside it and all, into the kitchen so he could be with me. In order to get into the kitchen, he had to maneuver around the corner and around the kitchen counters. But he did it.

I don't remember my daughter doing anything like this. Or any other 10 month old, for that matter. Anyway, I grabbed the camera and filmed it:

My husband tried putting 3 and 5 pound weights around the playard, but he pushed those out of the way. My daughter has trouble picking up a full jug of milk... somehow I doubt that when he's 5 he's going to be telling me "I can't get anything to drink because it's too heavy!"


Kim said...

That's too funny! When babies are determined, there ain't nothing stopping them!


Jenny said...

Superbaby! I love it. Looks like something my son would do.