Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Putin Dissolves Parliament... Get Ready To Rapture?

Vladmir Putin dissolved the Russian parliament (story here)! My husband called me this afternoon to ask me if I knew anything about Russia, but I hadn't had the TV on anything but PBS Kids and Tivo'd O'Reilly Factor from yesterday, so I had no clue. Then I discovered that the Russian parliament had dissolved and a new Prime Minister was in power.

Ever since Putin was installed as President, I always thought that he would be there for the end times. He just seemed to have the background for it. Now I'm even more sure that I'm probably right. Especially considering that Russia has planted their flag and claimed the North Pole as their own, and they seem to be getting a little imperialistic.

For those of you that do not know what Russia has to do with the end times, a little info. Russia is supposed to invade Israel in the future, but they will get their butts kicked supernaturally. That's how I understand it supernaturally. If you've ever heard of Gog/Magog... that's Russia. We know that Russia is Gog for several reasons. Moscow is north of Israel, for one. Rosh is also mentioned by name, and Tubal is also a place in Russia. I'm just going off the top of my head on this one, if you want more info on why Russia is Gog, you can google it.

Anyway, for prophecy watchers, this is a MAJOR development. Things are moving quickly! Or at least they seem to. There is nothing that stands in the way between history and the rapture... it could happen at any time. Gog/Magog is something that is to happen in the tribulation, so that means if things really are moving in that direction, the Christians will be out of here soon. Very soon.

Are you saved? Are you sure? Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive you of your sins. If you haven't realized that you are a sinner, repented of your sins and asked Jesus to save you and forgive you of your sins, you probably are not saved. Please do so! The rapture could happen at any time and you don't want to be left behind!

Think you're a good person? Take the good person test here! If you pass the good person test and have never sinned, you have nothing to fear. Unfortunately, the Bible says that there is none righteous, so you probably won't pass.


Jason Medlin said...

Without trying to sound rude, you might want to research the structure of Russian parliament before attributing Putin's move as some prerequisite to prophecy. He wasn't violating any constitutional requirements, or really doing anything remarkably unique in modern Russian history. It only made news because it was a surprise move, not an illegal move. Even the secular media failed to explain this, making the articles largely sensationalist.

Brooke Lorren said...

It is true that Russia has had it's share of coups in the past. However, I do think that this move could be prophetically significant. Russia has recently claimed the North Pole as their own, and has been buddying up with China lately. Russia has already shown an affinity towards the Iranian government. Just having a trilogy of mutual affinity (however loose it may currently be at this time) between Iran, China, and Russia is prophetically significant. All three of these nations play a significant part in the wars and fighting during the tribulation... that has been the interpretation by all the Bible prophecy scholars that I've followed for more than a decade... and back then they had absolutely nothing in common.

So for Russia to make a huge change in government like this, it is significant. It may pan out to be nothing, true... but I see it as a step in the direction of fulfilling Bible prophecy. Just not sure how yet.