Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Different Sort of Post: Weirdness

Julie has asked me to write about 5 things that are weird about me. So I guess that I might, even though this is slightly out of character from what I normally write on my blog:

1) I do my grocery list with a spreadsheet that I carry to the store. I use the Grocery Game to find out what the best deals at the store are, then I enter the item name, store's price, the price that I'm paying after a coupon, the quantity of the item I'm buying, and the coupon packet that I can find the coupon in. After putting together the spreadsheet, I gather my stack of coupon booklets, which I keep sorted by date, and cut out coupons. I then take my coupons and spreadsheet and shop! BTW, my spreadsheet saved me $15 this week. I expected my grocery bill to be around $52 and they charget me $67. Even with my substitutions and tax, I suspected that something was wrong with a difference that great, and it turns out that they didn't give me the Proctor and Gamble rebate that I was supposed to give and charged me full price for the meat I bought. I brought it up to the attention of the store employees before leaving the store and got a $15 refund.

2) I'm a stay at home mom, but I'm also something of an entrepreneur. I do a lot of sweepstakes, that netted me over $760 worth of prizes in the last half of 2007, and I also am a member of a survey site that periodically sends me surveys and pay me cash for it. I also keep track of my sweeping wins (and expenses) on a spreadsheet.

3) I read nonfiction for fun. I like to read history from a Biblical worldview. Right now I'm reading Gregory of Tour's History of the Franks for the second time (read it first in college).

4) I have a college degree, and spent several years in the Navy after college. Ended up as a Lieutenant with 10 years that counted for pay... if you look at the military pay charts, it pays quite well. Well, with all that, I still chose to work in a day care for $7 an hour for 2 years. I worked there because we needed a little extra money and at the day care I could keep a better eye on my daughter. I currently am a homeschool teacher.

5) I like to learn languages, but I'm only completely fluent in English. I can get by in several other languages though. I've studied German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, and a smidgen of French, Arabic, and New Testament Greek. Oh, and I'm trying to teach my 14 month old American Sign Language (ASL). So far he's signed eat, doggy, milk, and I think ball, yes, and more to me.

There you have it. Some weird things about me. I'm not going to tag anyone else for the same reason that I never forward chain letters or chain emails.

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