Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Mexicans Don't Want Their Illegals Back... Boo Hoo

Our state recently passed a law stating that companies who knowingly hire illegal immigrants will have their business licenses revoked. Despite the fact that it is currently being challenged in the courts, the law has had the effect of driving some illegal immigrants out of the state.

Now some Sonoran officials from Mexico are complaining that the new law will hurt the state because of the jobless Mexicans returning to their hometowns.

Could somebody call the Waaaaambulance?

There are several issues here. First, the people that are leaving Arizona and returning to Mexico were not supposed to be here in the first place. Secondly, the people returning are citizens of Mexico, not of the US. They belong in Mexico. Thirdly, this law passed last summer, so people have had at least six months to prepare. In addition, not all of the illegal immigrants are returning to Mexico. Some of them are going to other states; others weren't Mexican illegal immigrants, and are returning to other countries (sometimes it's easy to forget that there are illegal immigrants from countries other than Mexico, but they come from all countries).

Arizona has contributed to the education, health care, social services, and police services of illegal immigrants for far too long. I've waited in the emergency room for 4 hours before waiting to be seen by a doctor... and I can guarantee that many of the people ahead of me were not legally here. I'm sorry if Mexico feels that it can not provide for their own citizens, but what makes them think that we want to?

If the Mexican citizens returning to their own country are hard-working, then in due time they will once again be contributing to the Mexican economy. Mexico is a country with natural resources, and if it's not a place where someone can be an entrepreneur of sorts, then perhaps Mexico should take care of some of the corruption in their government, take a look at how things are run, and allow enterprising people to find ways to make their own money. Other than selling trinkets in tourist areas. Not that selling trinkets can't be an honorable way to make a living, just that there are a lot of them and there should be other options.

I realize that there will be some adjustments to be made. On the part of both Mexico and the state of Arizona. But it can not go on as it has been.

I remember watching a program in the last day or two where they were talking about how we have had recession avoided and put off for years because of low interest rates. It's just like someone who can't pay off their credit cards, so they take out a home equity loan to pay off the credit cards, then end up ringing up their credit card bills again. At some point there is a breaking point. We can't continue to give incentives for illegal immigrants to come live in our state. Our economy can't support it. Especially with the way that the economic future is looking. We either face the music now or face worse music later.

I'm not trying to be heartless, but there are always consequences to pay for your actions. If not now, later. Mexico is partially culpable in the whole illegal immigration mess. They have turned a blind eye to it for quite some time. Unfortunately, if an influx of Mexicans returning home is going to cause a problem, that is just the price that Mexico must pay for not attempting to stop, and even winking at and promoting, the exit of their citizens into our country for so long.

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