Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 19th

Last week I posted about the FLDS compound in Texas being raided and mentioned that April 19th is a big date in history. In recent history we have had

Ruby Ridge
Oklahoma City

and on the 20th we have

Hitler's birthday
Little Colorado Massacre

Anyway, me and my daughter were doing her history work yesterday, and I found out another major event that happened on April 19th. We had been talking about the colonies, and how the colonists didn't like the taxes so they stopped buying the stuff that was taxed, then they had the tea party and threw all the tea into the sea... then the British decided to leave Boston Common and march to Concord, where all the colonists were keeping their guns. Paul Revere came riding all night through Massachusetts warning about the British soldiers coming... and on April 19th, 1775...

the shot that was heard round the world, otherwise known as the first shot of the American Revolution, was fired by an unknown colonist.

Out of all the years I spent compiling date calendars for the Navy on important dates, that one never registered with me.

It's interesting all the important dates we all seem to forget about collectively as a nation and as a world... like the date that the Polish Calvary and German Infantry defeated the (Islamic) Turks and started to drive them back in the middle ages... September 11th, 1683.

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