Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Listmania - Best and Worst of House Fires

I'm writing a list post for a contest over at Networkbloggingtips.com. The prize is an external hard drive and you can join too.

Since the biggest thing preoccupying my time right now is the house fire, I'm making a list on the best and worst things of having a house fire. I'll save the best for last by getting the bad stuff out of the way first.

The Worst Things About Having A House Fire

  1. Losing your stuff
  2. Having to make an inventory of everything that you own and lost for the insurance company
  3. Having to live an hour across town because your old house is no longer inhabitable
  4. Cleaning out the refrigerator after it's been without power for a week
  5. Cleaning everything else in the house that's covered in soot and ashes
  6. The bank putting a hold on the insurance company's advance check because they're not used to you depositing so much money in the bank at one time
  7. Throwing away all the plastic baby toys that they can no longer use, remembering your kids playing with them
  8. Seeing your baby's destroyed pictures

The best thing about having a house fire

  1. Getting to shop for new things
  2. Getting the opportunity to take pictures... you never know, maybe they'll be a contest for a picture of the "worst bathroom" and you'll be in the running!
  3. Discovering things that are still usable even after the fire
  4. Starting to resume a normal life again
  5. Having less stuff... easier to declutter!

So that's the best and worst that I can think of so far.

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Audrey said...

I found your blog on the Disney contest site. My mom and dad had a fire and I so feel for you. They were out of their home about 6 months.

Yes....my mom got new bathrooms and a new kitchen :)