Monday, August 20, 2007

Have Faith

I was doing some thinking today about recent events in my life. Since things are starting to look up, I can almost look back and think that it's funny. Really, so many bad things have happened recently that it's hard to believe it actually happened:

- Dh lost his job
- A few days after our health insurance ended, dd was in the hospital with a 105 degree temperature. Turned out to be an infection that we killed with antibiotics.
- We applied for state assisted health insurance (that we had lost when dh got the job that he just lost)
- Dh got a new job

- Haven't been approved for health insurance yet. Ds ends up in the hospital with dehydration and vomiting. He lost more than a pound in 1 day... the doctor had told us a couple of days before that she was worried about his weight and he was in less than the 3rd percentile.
- Get denied for health insurance because we didn't apply for food stamps and unemployment. Nobody in that system can keep up with our changing income, I guess. We reapply because we are still eligible with the new job.

- Dd apparently has a UTI. We ply her with cranberry juice as we are waiting for health insurance approval.
- Dd apparently has an ear infection. More cranberry juice.
- The transmission in our car goes out. We can still drive the car on the streets, but not on the freeway.
- The engine in our car goes out. We go get a new car.
- Dh loses new job.

- Dh gets new job.
- Dd apparently seems to still have UTI and ear infection. More cranberry juice.
- Dd seems to be suffering from temporary hearing loss due to ear infection. I google it on the internet and it seems that as soon as we can get the infection to go away, her hearing should come back.
- Health insurance approves us for our old income with old job (our rates will go down with new job). They approve dd, me and dh, but not ds. Coverage starts September first, but we can probably get eligibility backdated to pay for our stack of ER bills... at least for dd.

So most everything has been resolved. I'm sure if I bug them enough and call around enough, they will add my ds. I think why he's not covered right now is because he's under a year old so he needs coverage under a different program. I just need to squeak enough until they get him covered. I will be taking dd to urgent care on September 1st to get antibiotics for her ear infection.

This isn't a poor me story, but a story about how great God is. Throughout all of this, he has taken care of us. Not once did our cupboards even go remotely bare. I use The Grocery Game to make up my shopping lists, so we always have plenty of food in our house, even for the couple of weeks in this time period that we didn't have money to shop. We have made our mortgage payments on time, as well as the car payment. The electricity stayed on and so did the water and the sewer. He has been very good taking care of us. For the last few months, there have been some times when I've wondered how God was going to come through, and he always did.

We are all relatively healthy. We are alive and well. I am thankful for that. Of course, some people can not say that. Please continue to pray for Bingomama who lost 2 children and a husband or ex-husband last night in a fire.

God will take care of you if you put your trust in him. He has with us.

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