Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This Makes My Blood Boil

Have you heard the story about the firefighters suing the city of San Diego?

Evidently, they were ordered to march in a gay pride parade, against their will. They were ordered to go to the parade, and were made to believe that if they did not comply, they would be fired or suspended.

While at the parade, some of the spectators taunted the firemen with vile sexual comments. This article goes more into that. Also there were anti-homosexual demonstrators, thinking that the firefighters were going along willingly, who were making negative comments towards them as well.

This whole situation makes me so angry, I just want to spit. Not at the firefighters, but at the people that thought that they had the right to force someone else's morality like this. And not only that, but putting them into a situation where it was likely that people would make comments like the ones they heard. I hope they win big time. If I was on the jury, this is one case where I'd feel like awarding the big bucks. Normally I think that juries award way too much.

I don't think that I could have marched in that parade, no matter what my boss said. I would have probably disobeyed the order, allowed them to fire me, and then I'd sue their pants off for religious discrimination. But I really can't blame these firefighters for wanting to keep their jobs and doing what they were told. I feel so bad for them. I really hope that they win in court.

Don't know what the world is coming to these days. Some days you just want to pray for the rapture.


FacingTheSharks said...

Why didn't the firefighters stand for what they believe in, rather than cave in an try to save their jobs?

I was asked to do unethical things on my job and I stood my ground. It cost me not only my job, but my home, my land, my company, my contracts and my fellowship with other contracts. I lost a lot to do what I believed in.

If the firefighters didn't have the backbone to put their values above their jobs then they should examine where their values are.

Being politically correct shouldn't matter. Standing for what you believe in should matter. Fighting for what you stand for is better than trying to save your job if that's what it comes to.

On judgment day, can any of them stand before God and say they marched in the parade to save their jobs?

Maybe Daniel shouldn't have prayed to God so he wouldn't be thrown in the lion's den.

FacingTheSharks said...

By the makes my blood boil that the firemen marched in the parade instead of standing for what they believe in.