Saturday, May 31, 2008

Revival Challenge Day 14


Hope you are all having a great day today, whether you are reading in the middle of the morning or in the middle of the night.

The expected bad news has happened... Governor Ritter of Colorado signed a bill that will allow sexual predators to enter women's restrooms at any time that they feel like, as long as they claim to believe that they are female at the time they do so. Of course, that was not the intent of the bill... the intent of the bill is to allow transgendered people to use the restroom of the gender they perceive to be... but the unintended consequence is that it will allow sexual predators to use the women's restroom as well. They need our prayers.

I was reading II Chronicles 35-36 today. King Josiah was a good king. Unlike Joash, who became king at age 7 and was good for all the days of his mentor Jehoiada, then ended up killing his mentor's son after his death, King Josiah seemed to be a good guy all the days of his life. Chronicles doesn't really say anything bad about him.

But he did sin, and that was his undoing. King Necho of Egypt was fighting against Carchemish, and Josiah decides to join in the fight. Necho sends him a message from the Lord, basically saying butt out, this isn't your fight... don't meddle with God, or he'll destroy you (II Chronicles 35:20-21). Josiah didn't listen, and that was the end of him.

I bet there are a lot of people like Josiah out there. I know lots of people that love the Lord. They try to do what pleases God most of the time. They go to church, teach their kids right from wrong, try to stay away from filthy movies and television shows... but it's very easy for even people that want to follow the Lord to fail just as Josiah did.

Anyone can be like Josiah. I'm not perfect. Only Jesus is.

I pray today that those of us that love the Lord can follow him today with our whole hearts, and not fail to listen to him when he speaks today, as Josiah did with the king of Egypt.

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Lovisa Lucia said...

I don't see any evidence that this bill is really going to increase the risk of sexual predation. Remember natural-born women are sexual predators also. In addition, it's very difficult for men to pass as women, so they will be noticed in women's restrooms. Most children are molested by someone in a position of trust. I was molested by my mother. She's not out molesting random children in restrooms, but children she has easier access to. A man who is going to rape a women in a restroom is not going to have an easier time pulling it off by claiming he's a woman so therefore is allowed to be in there--women or children who aren't comfortable with anyone they are in a public restroom with should leave the restroom immediately in any case, as being in a windowless, enclosed space alone with an unsafe individual is dangerous.