Friday, May 23, 2008

Revival Challenge Day 6

Ugh... today has not been such a good day.

In order for God to heal the land, God's people have to pray and turn away from their sins. Well, I'm having a hard time with the second part today.

My husband decided to create fake identities on a message board that I've been a member for more than 10 years for, which is against the rules. They ended up banning me over it. I'm trying to contact some people off board because it is completely unfair to punish me for something that he did, but so far no luck.

I'm having a difficult time thinking kind thoughts towards him at this moment. He knew that he was doing wrong and this is the second time that he's caused me to get banned from a message board because of something that he did (the first time I was reinstated after a few weeks of pleading). I feel angry and hurt over all this. I'm also feeling hatred towards myself over this... I have the tendency to self-flog myself when people are punishing me for things like this.

So I'm trying to pray for revival, but today it is difficult.

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