Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Microsoft Copyright Protection Circumvented Again - Ya Think?

This morning I woke up and read that Microsoft had discovered that someone had figured out how to crack the latest copy protection scheme. Ya think? It was going to happen sooner or later, most likely sooner.

The article I linked to above talks about how they might be doing away with DRM protection overall. Something that I would be happy to see. Not that I want to find music online and steal it... I buy several songs off iTunes regularly... however, using DRM music can be quite a pain.

Usually when I buy a song off iTunes or another music service, I rerecord a copy in MP3 format anyway using Blaze Media Pro. Not because I want to steal music or anything (after all, I just purchased the music), but because music with DRM protection is not very portable. What happens if your hard drive crashes? I purchased several songs off Music Match Jukebox that get an error message whenever I try to play them now. I'm not sure why that happened, but it is pretty upsetting. I paid good money for that music and now I can't even listen to it.

I made my dh an MP3 CD to listen to in his car using iTunes... anything that I purchased off iTunes couldn't be written to an MP3 CD using the iTunes program. ??? I don't want to write a CD that can only hold 20 songs when I can create a CD with 300 songs instead. So I'm going to have to Blaze Media Pro my dh's iTunes songs so he can listen to the songs that he paid for.

People are always going to try to find ways to get free music. They have been for decades, from recording songs onto an 8 track player off the radio, to cracking the latest DRM software. Adding all the copyright protection only seems to hurt the people paying for the music to begin with. Many (perhaps most) people want to be able to obtain their music legally, as long as you let them pay for it, and give it to them in a method that is portable and easy to use. I'm glad that the move is going towards DRM free music. The people that are currently buying music probably will continue to do so.

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