Monday, July 16, 2007

Who Says The Terrorists Haven't Already Won? 8 Year Old "Terrorist" On The No-Fly List

Since the 1970s, on average, more people have died in bathtub drownings than by terrorists. Perhaps it's due to the vigilance of the TSA. In their latest move of genius, they caught 8 year old terror suspect Brian Moore, finding him at the airport before he could cause any damage. Thank God for the no-fly list!

He looks a little similar to my brother, who everybody that knew him as a kid would describe him as a "holy terror":

Who knew that the "holy terror" had a more sinister meaning!

They did eventually discover that this boy wasn't really a terrorist, but that he had the same name as a terrorist on the no fly list. Oh really? Nice that they finally figured that one out. Unfortunately, it took them so long to figure out that this 8 year old wasn't a terrorist that he missed his flight, and had to wait another whole day until he could get on a plane to get back to his mommy.

When 8 year old boys are being detained from flying planes because their name matches the name of a terrorist, we've got problems. Or if your name is Robert Johnson... there are several Robert Johnsons in this country, at least one of which fights honorably for our military, and ALL of them are harassed whenever they try to get on planes. And poor Brian Moore will be harassed for his entire life, or for as long as they insist on using their flawed no-fly list.

I had trouble finding out who the real Brian Moore terrorist is, or why he is on the no-fly list. A quick Wikipedia/google search brought up a deceased novelist who was born in Ireland and wrote some novels about terrorism, a rugby player, and a former Reform Party candidate for president that had criticized the Patriot Act.

Who knows? Maybe they should make the no-fly list a little more intelligent. Like putting pictures of the terror suspects in... or if you can't find a picture, perhaps add pictures of who is NOT on the no-fly list. Like 8 year olds named Brian Moore who perhaps might be holy terrors at home (we don't know if he is or not), but they are certainly not terrorists.

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