Monday, July 30, 2007

Why Do Candidates Support The Daily Kos?

I'm a bit puzzled at the intelligence of some of the Democratic presidential candidates. Why are so many Presidential Candidates going to the Daily Kos convention? Don't they have any idea of what human nature is like?

The Daily Kos prints hateful stuff about many people. They have even said hateful stuff about Hillary Clinton, so it's not just conservatives that they are bashing. By supporting this web site and giving it importance by going to their convention, they are shooting themselves in the foot, long term.

Take the story of the prodigal son for an example. Many people know the story. A man had two sons. One of the sons asks Dad to give him his inheritance early. When he got his inheritance, he had many friends. But as soon as the prodigal son spent all his money, where were they? Were they his friends any more? No, they dropped him like a hot potato, and he ended up nearly starving in the hog pen.

I've read a lot of the Dragonlance books... the books always have a saying about the nature of evil... "evil always turns in upon itself." I think that in general that seems to be true. Evil people tend to use each other. Once evil people have no use for you, they don't stick around. There is no compassion for the weak. For another example, look at what happens to so many washed up celebrities. So many of them, when their carreers are over and the money dries up, end up strung out on drugs and alone.

So back to the Daily Kos. They post so much vile stuff, I'm guessing that they are to some degree, evil. Right not, the Daily Kos is using the presidential candidates for their cause... to promote their web site.

But take it farther into the future. If a democrat wins the presidential race, do you think that the Daily Kos is still going to be supportive? They might try to use their influence to try to get the president to go with their policies, but I'm guessing that if they don't do as the Daily Kos wishes, the new Democratic president would see the same venom directed at them as they currently see directed at many of the Republicans. And those that didn't get elected as president... who knows. I suppose that it depends on if the Daily Kos could find a future use for them.

In my opinion, candidates should stay clear from this site, and us ordinary schmoes shouldn't give the vile stuff that this site publishes importance by visiting them.

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