Friday, February 1, 2008

The Fragility Of Life

Good news, it looks like my daughter's friend/husband's friend's daughter is going to be okay. Her kidneys did stop working, but today they installed a catheter so she can do dialysis. She might be in the hospital for up to 2 weeks, but it's certainly better than the alternative.

This day has shown me how fragile this existence we call life is. One day your daughter's friend is just a normal 7 year old, the next day she has bloody diarrhea, and a week later you get a call at 6:40 in the morning with what sounds like you're going to need a miracle to ever see her again. We just take it for granted that tomorrow will come... that your child will grow up and get married someday (if the rapture doesn't happen first)... that when we visit friends and relatives that live far away, they'll be okay and we'll see them a year or two later when we return.

Fortunately, this little girl will probably be okay. But it just makes me think about how no tomorrow is ever guaranteed. How everything can fall apart in one moment.

My cousin died of cancer when he was 7. One day he was a playful little 5 year old boy, and then he was limping. Turned out to be cancer. We thought that he was going to be in remission and was going to be healthy enough for a transplant, the next thing you know, he was gone.

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