Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Super Tuesday?

Well, today is Super Tuesday, and the country is waiting for the results to come in. My state is voting, and although this is an open primary state, today is not a primary, it is a "Presidential Preference Election". Since I refuse to be identified as a Republican or a Democrat (I identify myself with the Constitution Party), I was not eligible to vote today. Which is a shame because I really like Huckabee, but I guess it wouldn't matter much since John McCain is going to win in Arizona anyway.

The media seems to think that John McCain and Hilary Clinton seem to have the lock on the nominations at this point. Oh boy. Could we have picked anybody worse? I suppose that Giuliani probably would have been worse, but not by much.

So I suppose that unless something miraculous happens tonight, we'll be stuck for another 4 years with the illegal immigration mess, because I don't think that either Clinton or McCain will do anything about it. Not sure what McCain's take on the issue is, but if Hilary wins we'll probably be stuck getting taxed through the nose to pay for crummy health care coverage.

I'm not sure how we got into this situation. Are these really the best two people that we have that were running for president? I suppose that the Democrats had some pretty slim pickings, but there were plenty of better candidates on the Republican side. Mitt Romney, Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson, and my favorite, Huckabee, were all far more conservative in many areas. I'm not really a true fan of any of those, but McCain? Blech. I know he comes from my state and all, but he might as well be a Democrat with all the bills he tries to pass.

Why is it that we're always stuck with two choices that are nearly identical? Last election we had Curious George running against John Kerry... I voted third party because out of the two of them, it didn't really matter to me who would win... both of them, in my opinion, would run the county equally poorly. I know so many people that were huge Bush backers several years ago that can't stand him now.

If these are the two candidates that we end up with, I just may end up voting Constitution party again. I know they won't win, but if the choice is between McCain and Clinton, does it really matter who wins? Not really. So I'll just vote for who I truly like, even if they don't have a chance. I heard rumors that one of the leaders from the Minutemen were running under the Constitution party. I can vote for them.

Another thing about voting third party... some people say that voting third party takes away votes from somebody who otherwise might win. When I voted Constitution party, people said I was taking votes away from Curious George. Really? You can't take away votes from someone that you'd never consider voting for in the first place. If I were given the opportunity to vote today, I would have voted for Huckabee. Does that mean that I took a vote away from Mitt Romney? No, because I wouldn't have voted for him.

I've heard several News commentary shows say that whoever the Republican candidate is, the Republicans will "rally around" him. Do you really think so? I guess my comment doesn't hold too much weight since I'm not a Republican, but I certainly wouldn't rally around John McCain. How about rallying around None Of The Above? It's too bad that the Unity08 movement ran out of money, perhaps they could have picked a decent candidate.

Maybe we'll see some surprises tonight. I hope so.


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Brooke Lorren said...

Bloomberg has his own problems, however...